Borbora Winehouse Villa

Villa residence in the Borbora Winehouse is available for booking!

Our Winery

Our winery is located in one of the most beautiful hillside of Balaton Highlands, where the supreme panoramic view attracts lots of hikers and visitors in every season.

Borbora Winehouse

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Our Wines

Our wine portfolio

Blue Frankish Rosé

Our first rosé wine is refreshing, fresh and fruity.

It is also a true design masterpiece: as the wine runs out of the bottle, the grape leaf disappears.

Pinot Noir

We confirm every time our idea of choosing Pinot Noir planted on our south-east hillside when we taste the wine made from that grape. The sunshine and the whispering breeze kiss the plantation in the morning, but they just fondly raise in the afternoon.

No wonder to see it on the top by getting adult.


Those who love reds leave us with this beauty Merlot hand by hand after first glance.

This wine is for grown up boys and girls. We love to talk about it, we love to be together and are always happy to meet.


You’ve never had a red like this before, and you won’t drink it anywhere else. After several years of patient waiting and experimentation, the picture finally came together and this Balaton Cuvée was born from the blending of four batches (Pinot Noir – Merlot – Zweigelt – Blue Frankish)

A real team work of our wine masters and wine lots: an ideal choice when you want to drink a good red.

Csuszka (plover)

The plover (csuszka in Hungarian) is a bird with a short tail and a long beak. But do you care?

You are interested in the fact that he is a singing bird, and if you team up with this Welschriesling, you will sing and even make the characteristic “doorp” sound of the plover!

In terms of its character, it is a dry, hand-harvested white wine.

Csíz (siskin)

What can be said about this bird (csíz in Hungarian)? For example, its body length is 12 cm and it is a common winter visitor in the temperate regions of Europe.

So far, it doesn’t really have much in common with Welschriesling, but surprisingly there is still a similarity: the wonderful yellowish-green shade. You see it and smile, how contagious it is.

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